Medical transformers

We manufacture and sell single-phase 2INH and three-phase 3INH medical transformers. Check where they are used, as well as what benefits come from using them.



They are intended for use in medical rooms where galvanic separation of medical devices from the power supply network is required. The products we offer have been designed in accordance with pn/EN 61558-2-15:2011. Transformers of this type are used in various medical facilities, where there is a threat to health and life.

The 1-phase and 3-phase transformers in our offer are used to power medical devices with IP00 and IP23 protection. These products are equipped with PT100 temperature sensors with terminal leads. In addition, they have an electrostatic screen, which is located between the primary and secondary windings. The medical transformers we offer meet all the requirements for powering group 2 rooms in the IT network system.



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