Enclosures IP23

Enclosures for transformers and chokes are part of the products you can buy from us. In the assortment we offer, the following are available:

  • IP23 enclosures for 2IN and 2INH transformers,
  • IP23 enclosures for 3IN transformers,
  • IP23 enclosures for INK 3 chokes.

All of these products provide IP23 protection. In addition, we give the opportunity to make them in diverse colors of the RAL palette. If the customer does not have specific requirements as to the appearance of the housing, then we use a standard solution – RAL 5024. Each of the enclosures we offer has a standard way of connection, i.e., from below. If the customer has such a wish, we can make a connection, e.g., through glands in the wall of the housing.


Other enclosures with a different degree of protection – IP54 at the customer's request.