Motor reactors

INM motor reactors are installed to motors to protect them from higher harmonics, harmful to the power unit. They are widely used in converter AC drive systems. Our motor chokes perfectly suppress network interference in both the lower and higher bandwidth ranges. Thanks to this, they ensure the pulsation of the current continuity and smoothing. Motor chokes dampen commutation overvoltages, compensate for the capacity of power lines. What is more, they also improve motor voltage and current.

Motor chokes are great for compensating for capacitive currents in longer length cables and drives that are connected by several motors to a single inverter. The presence of motor chokes makes the power unit have a longer service life. Then the engine will also start to work quieter. The greater comfort of using it will also be influenced by lowering the voltage value of the motor terminals. We produce motor chokes from a three-phase core – we offer versions with one or several slots. Motor chokes can work both vertically and horizontally.



Motor chokes are also used to limit short-circuit currents until the protections start working and the current in the circuit is turned off. Thanks to our extensive experience in production and selection of the component in question, we will be able to help you choose a model that will be adapted to the business profile. Our specialist will choose a motor choke with appropriate inductance, which will allow you to protect yourself against the failure of power transistors in the future.

Motor chokes will work wherever there is a need to supply voltage to drives away from the power source. Our products are distinguished by high inductance. They also compensate for the capacitance of the power cable and limit the steepness of current build-up when shortings in the circuits – and thanks to this, the inverter gains protection and is prone to failure for me.