DU/DT limiting chokes

We manufacture du/dt limiting reactors, which are also called du/dt filters. They are used primarily in systems controlled by inverters. The use of this type of chokes at the output of the control system allows to reduce the steepness of impulse waveforms in the wired voltage. In addition, the effects caused by interfering currents are reduced.

The current-compensated limiting choke reduces the overvoltages that arise at the output of the frequency inverter. Thanks to this, the service life of the motor increases, and at the same time the temperature of its operation, as well as the level of noise emission, is reduced.



The use of du/dt limiting chokes have many advantages. The most important are reducing the steepness of voltage rise and engine operating temperature, reducing interference and the ability to maintain control precision at a high level while protecting the engine. All this makes the engine run longer and better.

Du/dt filters are mainly used in drive systems equipped with frequency inverters. In addition, they can be found in the power supply elements of motors with reduced insulation parameters, as well as in motorized screen cables of medium length.

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