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From the very beginning of our existence, our aim was to deliver best quality and meticulous workmanship. Close cooperation with our customers and understanding their needs, allows us to create and implement joint projects successfully. With the experience we have been gaining for over two decades, we are well prepared to fulfill the strategy and goals we have set.

Our care for high quality can be seen in all our products. Whether it’s a mass production or the one made on request, the products are meticulously made with great attention to the technical characteristics and the look. Electric appliances can also look attractive, something the industry seemed to have forgotten about.

What makes us special?


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We are not afraid of challenges. Inspired by the European market, we bring new technologies to our offer. Adhering to the western standards, among others LM and 5S method, we are able to implement new technological solutions and secure the production processes.

Product customization

We adjust the chockers, inductors and transformers’ technical parameters to our customers’ special needs and requirements.

Polish Steel

We support domestic industry and choose Polish, reliable companies. The steel for our products come from a Polish steelwork.

Timely manner

Our work is planned to be both efficient and timely. Short delivery time does not exclude high quality.


The elements of final fitting can come in a different color range to adjust it to the devices or the company’s visual identification.


Order Samples manufactured according to your individual needs.


Quick service. No sub-contractors means swift delivery. All the processes are performed on our comprehensive production line, from cutting the sheets of steel for cords up to the final certified tests.

Reactors INDUCTO

Designed and manufactured with great care of parameters, the cores made of low loss sheet with many gaps ensure high linearity and low losses maintaining at the same time small dimensions and competitive price. Our models can save us to 80W for small reaktors, comparing to popular models manufactured by our competitor, e.g. 5KVAr. A huge change for the application of long-term use devices.

The guarantee of linearity inductance at high currents proofs the products quality which is of our great interest. Therefore the current value at which we ensure linearity in tolerance is 1.7 of the nominal current.

Our offer includes :

  • Shunt reactors
  • Filtering reactors 7%, 14%
  • Motor chokes
  • Commutation chokes
  • Air core inductors

transformers from INDUCTO

Transformers on our offer can be used in many industries, such as automation, medicine, household appliance, machine industry, shipbuilding and distribution.

Majority of our production is made on special request.

The manufacturing program includes :

  • Single-phase shaped transformers EI, UI
  • Three-phase low voltage transformers with IP00 and IP23 protection
  • Autotransformers


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We test, evaluate, design and personalize our products. Each one is meticulously prepared with regard to the technical and visual aspect. Check our offer!

IN Type Single-phase Safety Transformers

IN Type Single-phase Safety Transformers

Usage: Safety transformers are used to power small electrical appliances with safe, low voltage. An IN type safety transformer features:…

IN Type Single-phase Isolating Transformers

IN Type Single-phase Isolating Transformers

Usage: These transformers are mainly used to regulate the voltage level. Applied in installations requiring protective separation between input and…

INM Type Motor Chokes

INM Type Motor Chokes

Three-phase chokes are used to safeguard a motor against harmonics, so detrimental to a motor. Motor chokes are commonly used…

INS Type Line Chokes

INS Type Line Chokes

They are used to filter harmonics and to prevent them from entering a circuit. Single-phase and three-phase chokes limit inrush…

INK Type Compensating Chokes

INK Type Compensating Chokes

Compensating chokes are intended for compensating capacitive reactive power; this ensures higher energy efficiency. They are used in long cable…

INF Type Chokes For Filtration

INF Type Chokes For Filtration

These chokes are used to protect capacitor batteries in inductive reactive power compensators. Capacitor batteries and chokes make resonance systems…



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The chockers and transformers can be customized to the technical requirements and customers’ needs.



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Our team comprises people with passion and expertise knowledge about the industry. It is the experience, knowledge and cooperation of all team members that is the greatest asset of our company.

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